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About Sole Pilates

Why choose Sole Pilates?

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Pilates is for everyone! We all want to stay strong and pain free throughout life. I believe Pilates is the foundation we need to enable our bodies to be the best possible version it can be.

I am often asked why should individuals do Pilates and how the method can help people achieve their goals. Here are just a few of the reasons I think we should all do Pilates:

Why Pilates?


Pilates improves bad posture. I will teach you how to work in neutral spinal alignment - this helps with restoring the spinal curvatures and, therefore, better impact absorption. Working our torso deep muscles has a big role in aiding that journey


Talking about the deep torso muscules, I will work your core. This does not mean we are going to perform a thousand abdominal exercises. We are going to work the upper and the lower cores. You are going to activate deep muscles you never knew you had!


Pilates enhances strength and endurance. Do not worry: I listen to your goals and I respect your awareness and fitness levels. No pain, no gain stayed in the 90s - this is not how we should work anymore! There is a myth around the Pilates method: you DO NOT need to be flexible to do Pilates! Your flexibility will improve because the eccentric muscular contractions are going to be very well controlled. Of course, we are going to mobilise the whole body too, respecting each client’s limitations and injuries, if there are any


Pilates reduces fatigue and chronic pain. One of the STOTT PILATES® Principles you are going to learn is called “Breath”! The breath will help you focus better, relieve unnecessary tension, specially, around shoulders and neck areas, however, most importantly, the Pilates breathing pattern I will teach you will focus on engaging deep core musculature, promoting good circulation, improving lung capacity and enhancing your overall energy levels


When you learn a new activity it is proven that you are helping your brain to become ‘fitter’. Learning a new movement helps improving your body awareness. Here we do not only perform movements, we are going to feel them. It sharpens the mind.


Pilates is a mind-body conditioning, so wheather you are a seasoned athelthe or new to Pilates, prepare to be challenged and work muscles you never knew you had!

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